In-Home Rehabilitation, Geriatric, and Special Needs Care for Dogs and Cats in SE and Mid Michigan


-In-depth Physical Exam
-Post-operative Rehabilitation
-Stance Analysis
-Therapeutic Laser
-Medical Massage
-Customized Home Exercise Programs
-Weight Management
-Pain Recognition and Management
-Commercial Diet Assessment
-Homemade Diet Formulation
-Neuromuscular Electrostimulation
-Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy
-Brace/wheelchair/harness fitting
-Direct Doctor Communication

Dr. Verma has a special interest in pain management, rehabilitation, and the nutritional modulation of disease. As such, he provides a wide array of veterinary rehabilitation services in your home, including but not limited to stance analysis, therapeutic laser therapy, customized exercise plans, brace/ wheelchair/ harness fitting, weight management, acupuncture, and nutrition/supplement counseling. 

To learn more about Dr. Verma's experience and qualifications in rehabilitation and nutrition, please click here.



Special Needs &
Geriatric Care

-In-depth Physical Exam
-Behavior Consultation
-Multiple Medical Condition Management
-Nursing Care
-Diagnostic Ultrasound
-Lab Tests
-Commercial Diet Assessment
-Homemade Diet Formulation
-Specialist Teleconsult and Referral
-Pain Recognition and Management
-Direct Doctor Communication

Whether it is due to anxiety/fear, limited mobility, or other special needs, we can care your for animal in your home. We schedule 1 hour for the first appointment to ensure we address all of your animal’s needs. We love attending to patients who require frequent compassionate care.


Quality of Life Consultation

-In-depth Physical Exam
-Quality of Life Assessment
-Discussion of Disease Processes and Prognosis
-Medically Indicated Euthanasia

Dr. Verma can help you navigate quality of life questions about your family member and explain disease processes and their prognosis. Dr. Verma believes in treating every patient with dignity and respect and views euthanasia as a means to alleviate a patient's suffering when medically indicated. He provides this service in-home to existing patients at no cost or to new patients after a quality of life consultation.