In-Home Primary Care and Rehabilitation for Cats and Dogs in Southeast Michigan

Wellness &

-In-depth Physical Exam
-In-Home Blood Panels
-On-site Fecal Analysis and Urinalysis
-Commercial Diet Assessment
-Homemade Diet Formulation
-Vaccines and Vaccine Titers
-Flea/Heartworm Prevention
-Direct Doctor Communication

A full patient history, a complete nose-to-tail physical exam, nutritional evaluation, behavior/lifestyle assessment, and rehabilitation/pain assessment are the cornerstones of our approach to in-home primary care. The personalized nature of our practice means you can ask many questions during each visit. If something comes up after we leave, existing house call clients can simply send Dr. Verma a direct text or email.

Vaccination and flea/heartworm prevention protocols are customized to each patient's needs and lifestyle. Core vaccines are always included with a doctor's consult at no additional fee, and vaccine titers are recommended when appropriate. Affordable routine bloodwork, fecal analysis, and urinalysis are all available with results back within minutes.

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Sick Animal Care

-In-depth Physical Exam
-In-Home Ultrasound +/- Specialist Consult
-In-Home Blood Panels +/- Diagnostic Labratory Services
-In-Home Biopsies and Aspirates +/- Specialist Consult
-On-site Fecal Analysis and Urinalysis
-Commercial Therapeutic Diets
-Homemade Diet Formulation
-Direct Doctor Communication
-At-Home Euthanasia (see policy)

We can manage most medical conditions in a more convenient and less stressful environment for many animals than a traditional brick-and-mortar veterinary hospital. At your very home, Dr. Verma has access to his diagnostic ultrasound machine in addition to various blood tests, urinalysis, cytology, and biopsies. Board-certified veterinary radiologists and board-certified veterinary pathologists can be consulted as needed, resulting in convenient high-quality medicine at an affordable price. When treatment or diagnostics from a brick-and-mortar hospital is necessary or prudent, Dr. Verma has a carefully selected list of referral hospitals to which he sends his patients. He only recommends hospitals where he would be comfortable taking his own fur children.



-In-depth Physical Exam
-Stance Analysis
-Therapeutic Laser Therapy
-Customized Home Exercise Programs +/- Hydrotherapy
-Weight Management
-Nutrition/Supplement Counseling
-Brace/wheelchair/harness fitting
-Direct Doctor Communication

Dr. Verma has a special interest in pain management, rehabilitation, and the nutritional modulation of disease. As such, he provides a wide array of veterinary rehabilitation services in your home, including but not limited to stance analysis, therapeutic laser therapy, customized exercise plans, brace/ wheelchair/ harness fitting, weight management, acupuncture, and nutrition/supplement counseling. 

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