In-Home Rehabilitation and Geriatric Care for Dogs and Cats in Southeast Michigan


-In-depth Physical Exam
-Stance Analysis
-Therapeutic Laser
-Medical Massage
-Customized Home Exercise Programs
-Weight Management
-Pain Management
-Commercial Diet Assessment
-Homemade Diet Formulation
-Neuromuscular Electrostimulation
-Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy
-Brace/wheelchair/harness fitting
-Direct Doctor Communication

Dr. Verma has a special interest in pain management, rehabilitation, and the nutritional modulation of disease. As such, he provides a wide array of veterinary rehabilitation services in your home, including but not limited to stance analysis, therapeutic laser therapy, customized exercise plans, brace/ wheelchair/ harness fitting, weight management, acupuncture, and nutrition/supplement counseling. 

To learn more about Dr. Verma's experience and qualifications in rehabilitation and nutrition, please click here.



Geriatric Care

-In-depth Physical Exam
-Nursing Care
-Diagnostic Ultrasound
-Lab tests
-Multiple Medical Condition Management
-Quality of Life Assessment
-Direct Doctor Communication

Whether it is due to convenience, anxiety/fear, or limited mobility, we can care your for geriatric animal in your home. We schedule 1 hour for the first appointment to ensure we address all of your animal’s needs.