Nutrition counseling is essential for every veterinary rehabilitation patient. Weight loss can often be the most beneficial treatment for many orthopedic and neurological patients. For those dogs and cats with severe muscle atrophy or who are under conditioned, a nutrition plan that involves appropriate weight gain can likewise be important. All nutrition plans developed by Dr. Verma considers every health condition that a patient may have. We offer both commercial diet assessment as well as homemade diet formulation to our patients.


Acupuncture uses needles and sometimes electricity (percutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) to stimulate the nervous system at neurovascular intersections. Endorphins and other neurotransmitters are released, which causes a physiological response in our dog and cat patients. In addition to helping preserve nerve function in our patients with degenerative neurological disease, acupuncture can be useful for treating chronic pain. In veterinary rehabilitation, common conditions treated by acupuncture include osteoarthritis, degenerative myelopathy, intervertebral disc disease, muscle spasm, and idiopathic facial nerve paralysis.

Pain Management

Virtually all of our rehabilitation modalities help control pain. However, some of our canine and feline rehabilitation patients require daily medications and/or supplements to function day to day as well as to perform therapeutic exercises. Dr. Verma is well versed in both pharmaceutical pain management protocols as well as pain relieving supplements. All recommendations he makes in this regard consider the patient’s overall health, including kidney and liver function.